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Hangzhou Institute for Advance Study,

UCAS, Hangzhou, China

Principal Investigator: Dr. Lin Xu

      “We built two whole room indirect calorimeter (WRIC) facilities (Stuttgart and Kiel) and learned that every WRIC is unique and develops its specific “teething problems” - D&S provided us with an excellent and individualized service solving all issues. Thanks to their outstanding and continuous support in teaching us the secrets of WRIC, D&S left us confident and skilled to manage our WRIC research protocols.

      Russell´s tremendous experience is invaluable – his quick and targeted help saved our tight study schedules and secured the validity of our output.

      Russell is passionate about WRIC. As a mentor he generously passes on his knowledge and became a dear friend of mine!”

Institute for Human Nutrition and Food Science

Christian Albrechts University

Kiel, Germany

Principal Investigator: Dr. Anja Bosy-Westphal

     “Dr. Rising and D & S Consulting Services have played a major role in establishing three indirect calorimetry rooms at our department. Dr Rising is always supportive and shares his knowledge and experience by responding immediately if we have any questions. He has also provided invaluable input in the planning and design of studies where energy expenditure is among the outcomes.”

Department of Nutrition/Institute of Basic

     Medical Sciences

University of Oslo

Oslo, Norway

Principal Investigator: Dr. Stine Marie Ulven

     "Dr. Rising’s reputation as a metabolic science researcher and his track record of designing and commissioning Room Calorimeters was instrumental in Shanghai Jiatong Medical School/Ruijin Hospital awarding the tender for the largest lab in this field to the team in which he was scientific lead. His professionalism, his hands-on attention to detail, and his remarkable work ethic were responsible for bringing the project to completion in very difficult circumstances.

     It would not have been possible without him."

John Coyle, Director

China Gate Scientific Co Ltd

Representative of Sable Systems /

     Promethion in Greater China

     "I am pleased to offer a testimonial for Dr. Rising and the exceptional services provided by him. Dr. Rising has been instrumental in our research endeavors, specifically in constructing and optimizing our whole-room indirect calorimeter.

     Dr. Rising's expertise extends beyond construction; he has been an invaluable resource in debugging various issues that inevitably arise during system operation. His dedication to our project has not only streamlined the process but has also significantly enhanced the reliability and efficiency of our metabolic chamber.

     Furthermore, Dr. Rising's commitment to knowledge transfer is commendable. He has played a pivotal role in training both students and researchers, ensuring that they are well-equipped to operate and maintain the system independently. His clarity in providing instructions and guidance has been crucial to the success of our experiments.

     Dr. Rising's support does not end with installation and training; he continues to be a reliable partner in the post-operation phase. From helping us interpret and calculate results from raw data to promptly addressing any issues encountered during experiments, Dr. Rising has proven to be an indispensable asset to our research team.

     In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend the services from Dr. Rising. His expertise, professionalism, and unwavering support have significantly contributed to the success of our research. We are grateful for his collaboration and look forward to future endeavors together.”