Whole room indirect calorimeter application specialist


Undergraduate: Delaware Valley College – B.S. in Animal

  Science. Graduate: University of Arizona – M.S., Ph.D. in

  Nutrition/Exercise Physiology.

Over 40 years’ experience in the nutrition/exercise sciences.

Published 50 manuscripts in high-ranking peer-reviewed


Five published medical textbook chapters.

Guangci Professor (adjunct) of Ruijin Hospital/Shanghai Jiao

  Tong University School of Medicine.

Honorary advisor of Chinese Childhood metabolically Healthy

  Obesity Definition and Management Program.

Developed first ever infant whole room indirect calorimeter.

Established whole room indirect calorimeter laboratories

  around the world, including USA, China, Norway, Germany

  and Brazil.

College adjunct professor for over 30 years.


Operations and finance


Undergraduate: Florida International University – B.A. in

  Liberal Arts

Over 25 years’ experience in Finance and Operations within

  marketing and advertising

Weight loss success and training regimen featured in Men’s

  health magazine

Crunch Gym utilized Mr. Loleng's Men’s Health magazine

  article for their national advertising campaign

United States Professional Tennis Instructor for over 20 years

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